What to see in Tulum

Are you wondering what to see in Tulum? Your options are infinite, like from the sea to the infinite sky.

In the city, the jungle, the coast and the underground world of Tulum you will find majestic Mayan vestiges and incredible natural landscapes full of safe and healthy experiences that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Explore Mayan nature and culture in the Jaguar National Park, the new home of the wonderful and unique Archaeological Zone of Tulum. Further inland, the ancient Mayan City of Cobá stands as one of the most visited Archaeological zones nationwide, always being among the five most visited in Mexico, a must-see for anyone who visits Tulum.

The Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve is a protected natural space that is registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a unique place in Mexico for its rich and varied biodiversity; of great relevance for the economy, society and the territory of Tulum.

Visit the Artisan Villages and Communities of the Mayan Zone of Tulum for an even better perspective of the richness of ancient traditions, while in Tulum City and Tulum Playa you could enjoy the essence of the Mayan Caribbean with the new interpretation of luxury conscious and sustainable.

Tulum has a wide variety of handcrafted products, created with textiles, wood, stones, metals, leather, paper and cardboard, jewelry, ceramics, plant fibers and foods that are manufactured in designer and artisan workshops located in multiple streets, squares and towns throughout the municipality.

From Riviera Tulum discover the natural jewel of Sac Actun, the longest and most unique underground river system in the world to explore at your feet.

Start your exploration in vibrant, fun and relaxing Tulum today.

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